Plan to spend your summer at CHS!

We have a variety of fun and educational camps planned for the summer to get school-age children up and moving again!

Camps are generally offered in morning and afternoon sessions on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays for convenient planning for parents. All camps are supervised by our coaching staff and teachers. Ages able to attend various camps vary to provide the safest environment possible for attendees. Discounts will be available for multi-camp registration, and registration will be available online soon.

Planned camps are as follows: 

Strength and Conditioning Programs

We are thrilled to be announce a new addition to our summer camps line up. Our Athletic Director, Coach Scott Wattigny, has established effective strength and conditioning programs at his previous schools. This is not only an important component of any successful athletic program but also a valuable life skill. There are two primary goals for strength and conditioning programs: improve athletic performance for both teams and individual athletes and reduce athletic injuries. This is done through targeted workout regimens designed for specific groups of students and athletes and monitoing of athletes’ general health, including nutrition. Younger students will learn to create good habits that will remain in place when they reach high school age, minimizing deficiencies and providing a solid platform upon which to build.

Coach Wattigny will be holding the following sessions this summer at CHS:

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