Dear Parents of CHS Athletes,

I am writing to you to let you know about some very good news!  For the first time that anyone that I have spoken to can remember, our CHS summer strength and conditioning program will include ALL CHS athletes. I firmly believe that every athlete at CHS deserves to be in an excellent strength and conditioning program. Working together with our administration and coaching staff, I have created a unique way to ensure that all athletes will be provided the opportunity to have training at school year-round. No longer should athletes need to seek outside specialists to provide strength and conditioning activity.  

Beginning this summer and to continue moving forward, I, along with CHS staff members, will be coordinating this in-house strength and conditioning program. As many of you know, I am a certified strength and conditioning coach who has extensive experience working with individual athletes and teams in every sport that CHS offers. 

  • I am Basic Life Support CPR and AED certified.
  • I hold certifications from United States of America Weightlifting (Level 1, 2, and Athlete Development Model).
  • I also have a certification from Crossover Symmetry, which is a program designed to mitigate shoulder problems for overhead athletes.

To implement a structure and to enhance the expertise of our coaching staff, we will be utilizing sports specific workouts created by Ochsner Performance Training. All Ochsner coaches are certified strength and conditioning coaches with valuable experience working with athletes from every sport at every level from middle school to professionals. More notable teams that they work extensively with are the University of New Orleans athletic teams as well as Xavier, Dillard, and Loyola. The experts with Ochsner will be creating detailed individualized workout programs throughout the year that take into consideration the physical demands for each sport.  I highly recommend following them on their social media accounts to witness their workouts firsthand. 

  • IG: @ochsnerperformancesouthshore
  • Twitter: @OPTsouth
  • Facebook: Ochsner Performance Training-Southshore 
  • YouTube: Ochsner Performance Training
  • Website:

The start date for our summer program is June 1st, and the end date is July 23rd for all athletes except football. Football will continue through July 30th. The summer schedule, which has been reviewed and approved by all CHS coaches, will be Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Times will vary.

  • Cheer/Dance – 6 am – 7 am.  
  • Other female athletes – 7 am – 8:30 am. 
  • Male athletes – 8:30 am – 10:30 am, and football will finish at 11:30 am.  

*If you are a multi-sport athlete, then your summer workout will be geared toward the sport you play first for the school year. 

The total cost for an athlete to participate in this in-house program is a bargain! All athletes are exposed to a collegiate-level strength and condition program with programming, instruction, and supervision by certified strength and conditioning coaches. Fees range from $150 – $200 per athlete. Variation is due to the time slot, the length of the summer program, and the sport played. Fees, which will be detailed on, include a supervising coach, Ochsner workouts, and the access to Ochsner coaches for our respective head coaches throughout the year. Discounts will be given to parents who have multiple children participating in the summer workouts for both high school and middle school.

All CHS high school athletes are mandated to participate in the summer workout program held on the CHS campus. We want to promote unity as an athletic department. All teams will benefit from their athletes sharing the same experience, especially in the strength and conditioning field. In addition, for the first time, ALL high school athletes will have the opportunity to participate in athletic PE. This opportunity is contingent upon the athlete’s participation in the summer workout program. Important habits and proper form are taught over the summer, and it is necessary to have this foundation to be a part of athletic PE from a safety standpoint. If an athlete is unable to participate due to financial reasons, please direct those conversations to me ( 

I hope that you are excited about this new program we are implementing for the summer, but especially throughout the entire year. I have spoken to every Head Coach at CHS and informed them of details of this in-house program. Needless to say, they are exceptionally excited and in support of what we are trying to accomplish. I look forward to working with each of our athletes throughout the year to enhance their athletic performance for the respective sport.  My goal remains the same as Athletic Director, which is to ensure that all athletes are developing socially, academically, spiritually, and athletically.  I believe this in-house program will positively affect our athletes, both socially and athletically.



Coach Watt (Scott Wattigny)

Athletic Director/Head Football Coach

Catholic High of New Iberia

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