Members of the Catholic High Community, 

Coach Wattigny and Coach Ohrenberger are excited to continue the momentum of Panther Patio and provide sponsorships that help support middle school athletics.

Thanks to our 2020-2021 sponsors, funds have been used to purchase uniforms for all 3 grade levels of middle school volleyball, assist in strength and conditioning equipment specified for middle school age athletes, and assist in safety gear for middle school football players.

In 2019-2020, funds were used to purchase uniform tops for the entire Track and Field team as well as tops for the Boys Basketball program.  In 2018-2019 we were able to aid in purchasing Boys and Girls Soccer jerseys and Cross Country uniform sets for all 3 teams. This could not be done without your support!

We are understanding of the adjustments and effects that all have and continue to experience with the COVID-19 mandates. Therefore, continuing through this upcoming 2021 season we have decided to keep the discounted cost of sponsorships, with the continued option of donating the full amount, in hopes that we can continue to receive or gain your sponsorship. The adjusted amounts are as follows:

  • Initial sponsorship = $125.00 
  • Renewal=$100.00

Thank you, again, for your consideration and generous support!

Inquiries on becoming a sponsor or change/update in logo, please email  

With Panther Pride, 

Coach Coach Ohrenberger and Coach Scott Wattigny  

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